Ryan Faubion, 1975-2012

As the former administrator of Elektron-Users.com, Ryan Faubion will leave behind an online community that encompasses his desire to bring artists together. Ryan's dedication to and belief in the community of artists on Elektron-Users.com was reflected in his ready willingness to lend a hand and to connect people. From musicians, tinkerers, and device designers to noise-makers, sound-sculptors and Elektron-users, Ryan fostered, maintained and developed a community that connected, and will continue connecting, artists from across the world. A talented graphic designer and musician in his own right, Ryan's passion for bringing people together was rivaled only by his love for art.

As a tribute to Ryan's enduring influence and in thanks, the Elektron-Users.com community presents »Actual Memories«. All of the funds collected from the sale of the compilation will go to Ryan's family.

From our community to yours, have fun. Be cool.